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 [Guide] how to add a new casual

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PostSubject: [Guide] how to add a new casual   Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:22 pm

First you need to read my other post on adding an item into the itemtype.dat

first thing u will need to do is create an id for the casual in your cq_itemtype, also add the id into cq_goods if you are planning on adding the casual to the mall.

now you need to add the casual into the itemtype.dat refer to hexediting post above.

Now ini files, go to your ini folder and open 3dobj.ini add the id of the casual like this 001195520=c3/mesh/001195520.c3 (001) male if it was a female casual it would be (002)

next file is 3dtexture add the id in there like this 001195520=c3/texture/

next is armor.ini edit it to look like this:

once u have all those files edited, you need to open your ani folder and edit ItemMinIcon to look like this:

next file is MapItemIcon also located in the ani folder this file shows the item if it is dropped

so thats all the ini files done, now for the mesh and texture files.

open up your c3 folder in there you will see 2 folders one called mesh one called texture, the texture folder is where you will add your new edited .dds file for your new casual. it needs to be numbered in the same way as you edited your ini files, so like this:

ok now the hard, to make the casual show up on your players you MUST use the original .c3 file of that casual, so if your edit is one of the obsidanmail find the id for that casual in your cq_itemtype then open up 3dobj.ini and search for that id it will give you the id number of the original obsidianmail's .c3 file make a copy of that and rename it to your id of the new casual u are adding so 001195520.c3.

ok last but not least the icon, now this part is done in photoshop i can help you if you need just send me a message. after you have made your new icon add it to the data/ItemMinIcon folder with the same id as your casual,

reboot your client and award yourself the item, now remember you wont be able to award the item until after a maint on the server.

Obviously if you want the item in the mall you will have to hexedit your shop.dat also.

Click Thanks Button lol!
hope it helps.

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[Guide] how to add a new casual
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