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 [Guide]Status Effect

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PostSubject: [Guide]Status Effect   Sat Dec 29, 2012 7:16 am

You might be wondering how you set yourself to have the champion effect on yourself. This will explain how to do it:

1 ) Open Navicate and go into your 'my' database, then open your cq_user & cq_special_status tables.

2 ) The cq_special_status table is made up of 4 columns. user_id is for the connection to the id column under your cq_user table. status_id is for the connection to the effectID. Power i'm not sure about yet, but I assume it has something to do with traps. finish_time assumed, is the amount of time left (in seconds) with the effect.

Go into your cq_user table and find the character name you want the effect on. Then scroll across to the id column and copy the entry with 'ctrl+c'

3 ) Paste your entry into the user_id column of cq_special_staus table.

4 ) Set status_id to 156, keep power as 0 and finish time to any number higher than 0 (try like 500000).

5 ) Relogin into the game and you have your effect.

Status Effect Code:

154 - Cursed effect
155 – Top Effect
156 – Champion Effect
174 – Polymorph
24 – Strange thing
17 – Sneak
14 – Invisible
15 –Trap Effect
You can also use the following query to do what you want with status effects:

INSERT INTO `cq_special_status` (`user_id`, `status_id`, `power`, `finish_time`) VALUES ('id-from-cq_user', 'statusid(exm.156)', '0', '900000')

Credit TO : San GOku pirat
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[Guide]Status Effect
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