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 [RELEASE] Special Trick to make the client small

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PostSubject: [RELEASE] Special Trick to make the client small   Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:02 pm

Hey all
i know that a lot of persones want to have a small client

a client that is around the 12 - 25 mb

now , i going release how you can do that , and it is easy to extract (doesnt takes hours like kgb compressor and it doesnt take hours to rar it )

well ,
the first thing you need is the cracked version of ultra iso (trial supports only 300 mb and the client is a bit bigger) or any other program that can make a iso

then create a iso file of your client
you will see that the iso is even big / bit smaller / bit larger then the normal client

now the funny and tricky part

open winrar (right click on that file) and press .. new archive ...
then put the compress rate on Highest (heavy compressy , we want it small )

after that , just press start and have 1 hour / 30 min of patiance and you see that your file just become 12 - 25 mb instead the 800mb

This methode was tested by files of 3GB big and they became 120 mb

now , how to extract ?? well it is easy

first open the rar file
and you see the iso

extract the iso to your location you like , or open the iso in winrar with winrar

then just extract those files to where you want , after 30 min decompressing (on a Dual Core) then the client is ready to go

i hope you all going love this small secret Very Happy 

enjoy it and ... Greets From SpiritZ
ps:feel free to say thanks if it helps you ^^
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[RELEASE] Special Trick to make the client small
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